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  • Lining ponds for oil and gas drilling operation
  • Liner for waste water treatment
  • Tunnels special multi-layer lining systems
  • Liner for contamination pits
  • Pipeline protection geofabric
  • Road separation geofabric and geotextile
  • Landfill lining materials
  • Flare and fire resistance liner
  • Draining and filtering liners
  • Slope stability liners
  • Installation of varies Geomembranes
  • Site fencing installation and service
  • Water pipe line and water supply network.

About QMOF Company

QMOF Company (Quality Material For Oil Field) is a leading local supplier and installer of membrane products. QMOF Co. registered in ministry of natural resources known as MNR. Since 2006 QMOF construction and oil field services has become one of the most recognised company in civil earthworks, supplying and installing High-density polyethylene pipe (HDPE), Low-density polyethylene, PVC, Geotextile and Geosynthetics Clay liners, In such a short time. Our company becomes one of the main prominent Importer & Supplier of membrane products in Iraq and Kurdistan region. QMOF company also specialised in water supply network and water pipe supplier. Our experience in water network design team has been in this field for over 10 years.
QMOF Products QMOF Products QMOF Products
HDPE liners are the ideal choice for the most demanding applications in construction field.
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PVC Membrane
We provide many types of lining materials that can suit different project's need.
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Geo Fabric
Geofabric layer installed under HDPE to prevent failure and increases the projects life span.
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Our products are imported from best companies around the world.
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GCL Bentomat, The products tested based on the International Standard.
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Geotextile and Geogird in water/waste pits and ponds, they are also used in road design and drainage.
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As part of our services QMOF Co. supplies and installs Geocell for slope stabilisation.
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Our HDPE, PPR, Ductile and galvanised pipes well know throughout Kurdistan Region.
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Wedge Welding Machines
Our wedge welder machines globally used in construction and oilfield services.
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Our OIL and CONSTRUCTION CLIENTS in Kurdistan Region and South of Iraq
QMOF Clients
QMOF Co. has built strong relation with the majority oil and gas companies operating in Kurdistan region. We have being working with most of the oil companies directly or through contractors as sub-contractor. Our services and products well recognised throughout Kurdistan and south of Iraq.
International and Local Organisation
We Work with in Kurdistan Region
QMOF Clients
QMOF Co. has professional relation with local and international organisation within Kurdistan Region. We have been supplying and implementing Camps, Caravans, road improvements, water networks, water well design, pipe installation, fencing, supplying construction tools and machineries to most of the NGOs and governmental bodies.

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